Windows have been called the “eyes of a building.” Their profile and proportion are as essential to a structure’s appearance as elements such as the cornice, siding, and trim. Although historic windows have sometimes been removed and replaced in the name of energy efficiency, our window conservation process can make old windows function as efficiently as replacements, while retaining the look and authenticity of an original historic facade. We offer comprehensive wood window conservation & restoration services, including paint removal, epoxy consolidation, frame repair, sash conservation and repair, sill repair, glazing and weather stripping.

Related Projects

Historic Wood Window Restoration for Fairbanks House Museum


The Fairbanks House is well known as the oldest wood frame structure in the United States, dating to 1636.  For this historic wood window restoration project, Blackburn was brought in to conserve and restore the window sash. We were also asked to restore the decorative interior trim work, which had...

Historic Wood Window Restoration for Harvard University


This project involved the wood window restoration for Sparks House, on the campus of Harvard University. Built in 1838 and moved to its current location in 1968, the house retained most of its original mahogany windows. Although the majority of the sash could be conserved with dutchman repairs and epoxy...

Wood Window Conservation for Tudor Place House Museum


The window sash conservation at the Tudor Place House and Garden was challenging in that we were presented with a variety of window types and conditions. While some of the double hung windows in the main portion of the house had been replaced in the late 19th century, many of the...

Wood Window Restoration for Gore Place House Museum


The windows at Gore Place are a combination of double and triple hung units with period interior storms and upper level Palladian sash.  This wood window restoration project began with the south elevation windows, which were in an advanced state of deterioration.  Extremes of temperature and wind-driven moisture resulted in...

Wood Window Restoration for Historic Colonial


The historic wood windows of the Dwight Derby house dated from the early 18th Century. The windows, although small, were very fragile, with damage to both the frames and sashes. After carefully removing the paint from each window, the sash were conserved, using epoxy consolidation and dutchman repair where necessary,...

Window Conservation for Historic Office Building

Rhode Island

This turn of the Century brick office building called the Medical Arts Building was being renovated for office space.  The historic nature of the structure required wood window conservation rather than replacement. In this instance, the project specification called for removal of the interior and exterior finish. After the failed...