The use of inappropriate chemicals, over-aggressive cleaning, or lack of maintenance frequently results in the loss of the original patina on architectual metalwork and lighting fixtures. We are able to reverse such losses through the use of specific ph neutral cleaning formulas. We offer metal hardware and fixture restoration, metal refinishing, cleaning and patination services. We can restore lost patina while removing harmful acids and salts. We also can furnish a protective coating treatment to protect metals from corrosion.

Related Projects

Marble House: Gilt Bronze Balustrade Conservation

Rhode Island

The mercury gilt and steel balustrade had been constructed by Allard and Sons. Over time, this gold plate had become discolored and required conservation to prevent its eventual loss. In several places, overly aggressive restoration had all but removed the thin layer of gold, exposing the deeper colored bronze.   This...

Massachusetts State House: Chandelier Conservation


This chandelier conservation project involved the center lighting fixture in the Senate Reception Chamber. We focused on cleaning the metalwork and its glass globes. We were asked to simultaneously rectify a persistent short circuit problem associated with the lights within the globes. We discovered that manipulation of the fixtures caused them...

The Breakers: Chandelier Conservation

Rhode Island

Since their installation in 1895, the chandeliers in the Great Hall had never been taken down. Originally, both wired for electricity and piped for gas, the silk covered wiring used in these lighting fixtures had begun to degrade, resulting in short circuits in several of the lamps. In an effort to...

Mass Mutual Headquarters: Chandelier Conservation and Cleaning


The large crystal and brass chandelier had adorned the entrance lobby at Mass Mutual since the 1920s. This unique chandelier was constructed using three iron discs with holes drilled to secure 172 large clear glass sunbursts. A very heavy fixture, weighing close to five hundred pounds with its crystals, this...

Castle in the Clouds: Basement Finish and Historic Appliance Conservation and Restoration


Completed in 1914, Lucknow, also known as the Castle in the Clouds, is a unique example of the American Arts and Crafts movement. In addition to its aesthetic attributes, the estate was also outfitted with the latest in domestic technology and home appliances...