The use of inappropriate chemicals, over-aggressive cleaning or lack of maintenance frequently results in the loss of the original patina on metal and bronze doors and other architectural features. We are able to reverse such losses through the use of specific ph neutral cleaning formulas. We offer metal hardware and fixture restoration, metal refinishing, cleaning and patination services. We can restore lost patina while removing harmful acids and salts. We also can furnish a protective coating treatment to protect metals from corrosion.

Related Projects

Gilt Bronze Balustrade Conservation for Marble House Museum

Rhode Island

The mercury gilt and steel balustrade had been constructed by Allard and Sons. Over time, this gold plate had become discolored and required conservation to prevent its eventual loss. In several places, overly aggressive restoration had all but removed the thin layer of gold, exposing the deeper colored bronze.   This...

Ornamental Metalwork Conservation for Federal Courthouse


In the renovation of this late nineteenth century courthouse, it was decided to conserve and restore the faux finished ornamental grillwork and stairs that provided access to the basement and second floor. The structure was steel, faux finished to look like patinated bronze. The first step to this metal finish...

Ornamental Bronze Metalwork Restoration for College Library


The Lowell Federal Building, formerly a Post Office, was being renovated for the Middlesex Community College campus library.  The arcade, which had served as the customer service counter,  was enclosed with heavy bronze sash and panels.  Over the years, the centers of several of these sash had been cut out for...

Historic Ornamental Metalwork Conservation for Art Deco Verizon Building


The Art Deco brass metal ornament on the exterior of the building, although previously coated to resist corrosion, had deteriorated over time. This resulted in greenish-black deposits on the lower portion of the entrance.  The conservation process began with the removal of this oxidized coating, followed by neutralization of the...

Bronze Door Restoration and Cleaning for Library

Rhode Island

The William Hall Library, located in the Edgewood section of Cranston, RI, was originally fitted with eight pairs of high quality bronze-framed glass doors.  Over the years, they had become tarnished and worn, with missing screws and nonfunctioning door stops.  We were able to remove the tarnish and white residue from previous...