We furnish wood refinishing and restoration, including cleaning, conservation, finish analysis, touch up, finish matching and refinishing of shellac, varnish, lacquer, French polish, wax and oil finishes. The rich luster and depth of an old wood finish is an essential component of any historic interior. Frequently older finishes are stripped and replaced due to cosmetic blemishes.  By employing careful cleaning and conservation techniques, we are able to eliminate blemishes while maintaining the beauty of original finishes.  Often minor wood repairs and finish restoration can transform the appearance of balustrades, and panel systems. We can match old woods, remove stains and scratches. We can also restore and repair architectural columns and capitals and perform epoxy consolidation to original damaged woodwork.

Related Projects

Wood Finish Conservation for the Dining Room at Wilderstein Historic Site

New York

The conservation of the Wilderstein dining room wood paneling and plaster ornament involved dust and soot removal, ailed plaster ornament restoration, and repair of failed wood finishes. The ladder were on part of the ceiling and were damaged by a radiator failure. Since the original finish on much of the...

Historic Wood Paneling Restoration for Brookline Residence


The mahogany paneled entrance hall of this early twentieth century colonial revival home was undergoing a major renovation. The panel system contained damaged and faded areas, and new mahogany doors and moldings were being added. The original windows were being replaced with new pine casement sash. Our assignment was to...

Wood Finish Conservation for the Church of the Advent


Designed in 1878 by architect John Hubbard Sturgis, the Church of the Advent is a prominent example of the English gothic revival style. Blackburn was asked to clean and conserve the delicately carved woodwork and polychrome sculpture of the Lady Chapel completed by the renowned master...

Historic Finish Conservation and Restoration at Castle in the Clouds House Museum


Completed in 1914, Lucknow, also known as the Castle in the Clouds, is a unique example of the American Arts and Crafts movement. In addition to its aesthetic attributes, the estate was also outfitted with the latest in domestic technology and home appliances...

Historic Oak Paneling Conservation for Pell Mansion

Rhode Island

The Pell Mansion, located on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, RI, had been purchased by the Preservation Society of Newport County for use as executive offices. Formerly a private home, the first floor consisted of intersecting corridors of elaborately carved oak panels, which had been purchased in Europe at the time...

Mahogany Door Finish Conservation for Breakers House Museum

Rhode Island

The finish on the large, heavy mahogany wood doors connecting the first floor rooms of the Breakers had become crazed and dull and needed conservation after over a hundred years of use.  Using a hydraulic table, each door was carefully removed from its hinges and transported to the shop for this wood...