The art of gilding has existed for centuries. We offer a full range of gold leaf restoration services including application to decorative paint, stencils, wood and plaster moldings, weathervanes, tower clocks and historic cupolas. We can perform gold leaf conservation, restoration and new applications on wood, metal and painted surfaces. Gold leaf is an extremely durable exterior finish when properly applied as it does not oxidize or otherwise tarnish. The leaf is pounded out of nearly pure gold, alloyed with other metals for color, malleability, or other properties.

Related Projects

Massachusetts State House Library: Gold Leaf Restoration


The State House Library contains six arches over the main reading room, decorated with historic gilt coffers and rosettes. Blackburn first applied gold leaf to match the original. This surface was then coated with a red brown glaze, and sealed and toned with orange shellac to conserve the sheen and provide depth to the color....

Old Stone Bank Building: Gold Leaf Restoration

Rhode Island

The gilt ornament and decorative paint on the doomed ceiling had been damaged as a result of a chronic roof leak.  So, upon completing the decorative plaster restoration and decorative paint restoration, Blackburn carefully resurfaced the damaged gilt surface, matched the color of the gold and applied the gold leaf where...

West Concord Library: Cupola Gilding


This project involved the gilding and restoration of the library's wooden cupola.  The windows and decorative woodwork were also repaired using epoxy consolidation, and new members were fabricated to replace those that could not be conserved.  As part of the project, Blackburn also did wood window restoration throughout the bulding and repaired the portico columns.

Philips Andover Academy: Weathervane Gilding


Gold leaf restoration is always a cost-effective maintenance solution, since gold leaf can remain in place for forty years of more.  We were contacted by Phillips-Andover School to gild a weathervane that had previously been painted.  This was done while staging was already in place on the building, making removal and re-installation...

WT Phelan Insurance: Gold Leaf Restoration for Weathervane and Cupola


Improper gold leaf application and weather damage resulted in areas of loss to the gilt cupola of this historic building. Blackburn completed the application of gold leaf to the cupola and historic eagle weathervane of this historic building, completing this gold leaf restoration and repair job. While the use of...

Wesleyan University Chapel: Tower Clock Gilding and Stenciling


During the restoration of the Chapel exterior, we were asked to conserve and renew the gold leaf on the four clock dials, including the numerals.  We were able to remove the hands and numerals and complete the leafing in the shop.  When we installed the numerals, we also leafed the minute...