We offer a full range of decorative paint restoration and historic wall stencil services including cleaning, conservation and materials analysis. We can perform invisible touch-up and color matching of ceiling and wall paintings, as well as faux finishes. Since the preservation of the original work is essential, we always practice minimally invasive methods and treatments to insure as little disruption of the original surface as possible. We offer restoration and cleaning of decorative paint, stencils, faux marble, gold leaf, faux wood grain and tromple l'oeil.






Related Projects

Decorative Paint Restoration for Massachusetts State House Library


The State Library, located in the 1895 addition to the Bulfinch building, required accurate decorative paint restoration. It was originally decorated with multi-color walls and complicated transparent and semi-transparent glazes on the columns, pilasters, door surrounds and entablature.  Successive redecoration campaigns resulted in all of this classical trim being painted a...

Decorative Paint Restoration at the Fairhaven Unitarian Church


The Gothic Revival Unitarian Church, designed by Charles Brigham, contains a series of very sophisticated wall stencils made to imitate silk fabric.  Located in the Lady’s Parlor, now the Church Office, water infiltration had dampened the plaster and caused the decorative paint on the walls to...

Decorative Paint Cleaning and Restoration for Wilderstein Historic Site

New York

Decorated by Joseph Burr Tiffany (a cousin of Louis Comfort Tiffany) in 1888, the library ceiling at Wilderstein was executed in a “Flemish Revival Style” and was  intended to represent an illuminated manuscript, composed of foliate branches, stems and leaves, painted and stenciled on old parchment.  When we first viewed...

Decorative Paint Restoration and Decorative Plaster Repair for the Dome Ceiling of the Old Stone Bank

Rhode Island

The decorative paint panels which comprise the 50 foot interior domed ceiling had been damaged in certain areas by chronic water leaks.  After first repairing the damaged plaster surfaces and removing failed paint, Blackburn matched the existing paint colors and sheen.  Thanks to this perfect paint color matching, we were able to make...

Paint Conservation and Stenciling for Villa Marina Historic House

Rhode Island

The elaborately stenciled Egyptian revival stenciling programs applied throughout the house had all been restored and repainted except for the Billiards Room, located off the front hall stair landing.  While the ceiling of the room had sustained little damage, the walls were extensively cracked and chipped due to plumbing issues, as...

Decorative Paint and Gold Leaf Conservation for Chateau sur Mer House Museum

Rhode Island

The ceiling in the Wetmore Bedroom dates to the period of redecoration under William Morris Hunt. Over the years, a combination of plaster and paint adhesion problems created small but noticeable areas of loose and missing paint and gold leaf. Due in large part to their size and thickness, the...

Historic Faux Wood Grain Restoration for Hedge House Museum


The headquarters of the Plymouth Antiquarian Society in Plymouth MA performed a finish analysis as part of the reinterpretation of the entrance hall of Hedge House. It revealed that the two doors in this space were originally faux wood grained. While graining survived on the opposite...