Old Stone Bank Building: Decorative Plaster Restoration

Old Stone Bank Building: Decorative Plaster Restoration
Rhode Island

A series of chronic water leaks had damaged areas of the 50 foot interior plaster dome. Damage ranged from chipped and missing paint to entire sections, which had fallen to the ground. Other sections had eroded to the point of being unrecognizable. The dome required effective decorative plaster restoration. After first removing all failed paint, we coated salvageable surfaces with a custom-blended plaster consolidant. Once we had achieved a stable surface, we applied a patching plaster/ plaster of Paris mix to re-form eroded areas. Missing or severely damaged sections were replaced by casting replacement sections from flexible rubber molds. After the plaster surfaces had been restored, they were primed and painted to match surrounding colors.

ARCHITECT: Stone, Carpenter and Wilson, 1898

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